Orkin's Advertising Approach

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The company's first official advertising campaign dates back to 1926, when Otto Sought a new professional image for the business.

Through memorable and engaging advertising, Orkin can relate its brand to customers and achieve top-of-mind awareness, recognition and affinity. The company has a long history of advertising – from placements in telephone directories to purchasing billboard space. Now the company engages in a holistic approach to advertising by using traditional and nontraditional advertising such as social media. Orkin’s Big Bug campaign featured 6-foot-tall pests in suspicious character roles that attempted to con their way into homes and even a hot tub. In each ad, The Orkin Man arrived to protect homeowners from these intrusive pests.

Older commercials included the extremely popular “Fake Out” campaign, during which real-looking bugs crawled across the television screen during a seemingly unrelated advertisement. Other Orkin TV ads starred the animated Otto the Orkin Man and villainous pest characters. To learn more about how Orkin’s advertising campaigns have evolved through the years, read Orkin’s Past Commercials