The Orkin Truck


The Orkin truck serves as another reputable symbol for the Orkin brand and dates back to Otto Orkin’s use of signage on his work truck. Although a stigma existed with the appearance of an exterminator’s truck in the driveway, pest management has come a long way in representing ongoing maintenance, cleanliness and sanitation.  

The History of Orkin’s Trucks

Otto understood the value of branding early in his career, and in his early days as a traveling salesman who specialized in rat poison, he often displayed a sign that read “Otto The Rat Man” on his service truck.

As the company grew, Otto purchased the first company service truck, a Ford model, in 1928 and embedded the now-familiar red Orkin diamond on the door panels. By 1932, the company advertised “Specialists in Termite (White or Flying Ant) Eradication” on the sides of its service trucks. During World War II, gasoline shortages resulted in many Orkin representatives' making service calls on bright Orkin-red delivery bicycles or horse-drawn carriages sporting the Orkin logo.

Orkin Trucks & Technology

Today, Orkin has a fleet of about 5,200 trucks, which consist of Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 models.

The company installed GPS (global positioning systems) units in company trucks to help plan more efficient service routes, reducing gasoline usage and emissions and improving efficiency. The GPS units also track service times and monitor driver safety.