The Orkin Uniform


As another beacon of the Orkin brand, the Orkin uniform serves a large role in making Orkin employees easily identifiable.

Several variations of the Orkin uniform exist, depending on the job description. Residential Pest Specialists wear the traditional uniform with a white collared shirt, khaki pants, a black tie and red epaulets worn on the shoulders. However, Commercial Pest Specialists typically wear a golf-style shirt to remain inconspicuous at their customers’ businesses, where patrons may misconstrue the appearance of an Orkin employee call as a response to an active pest problem, instead of ongoing regular maintenance.

Termite Specialists wear khaki-colored shirts, while women wear uniforms that are more fitted, with several options for ties. All specialists have steel-toed boots and white “bump caps” (hard hats) for safety, and, when inspecting under houses or attics, they wear coveralls to keep their clothes clean.

Every year, the company fields calls from those seeking to wear the Orkin uniform for Halloween. However, the company does not allow nonemployees to wear the uniform as it can breach customers’ trust and respect for The Orkin Man.