Pest Education

Science and environmental education is a cornerstone of Orkin’s culture. From presenting insect education in the classroom and supporting continued science research, to developing an insect museum exhibit and teaching best practices of pest management to businesses, Orkin takes its role as an educator very seriously.

Since the 1950s when Orkin first began speaking about bugs in the classroom, the company has continuously looked for opportunities to engage with students through insect education. For example, the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation endowed the O. Wayne Rollins/Orkin Chair in Urban Entomology to further entomology research at Purdue University.

Check out the following list of Orkin partnerships, Orkin programs and Orkin resources to learn more about the company’s commitment to education.

Orkin extends its commitment to educating communities about pests to the business community as well. Through unique partnerships with specific industry leaders in the business arena, Orkin educates their organizations’ members about pests and pest prevention. Following is a list of commercial organizations or associations Orkin has worked with on pest education: