Orkin and the Association for the Healthcare Environment

aheOrkin and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) launched a partnership in 2005 to promote more effective and environmentally responsible pest control practices in health care settings. The partnership kicked off with the release of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the first in a series of “Recommended Practice” documents for AHE members and a “how to” guide for implementing and maintaining an effective IPM program in a health care facility.

Orkin also consulted with AHE to develop the Gold Medal™ Protection for Health Care service to be sure Orkin’s protocols were consistent with AHE guidelines. In 2008, Orkin and AHE launched HealthcarePestControl.com. Site visitors can take a self-assessment of their facilities’ pest management programs and request a free copy of the IPM Recommended Practice. Based on the results from the online self-assessment, Orkin announced key findings to trade publications and provided the health care industry with best-practice recommendations.

As Platinum sponsor of the 2008 Annual Conference, Orkin sponsored the Education Theatre, which included “Ask The Orkin Man” educational sessions by Orkin Director of Technical Services Dr. Ron Harrison. Orkin continued as a Platinum Sponsor at both the 2009 and 2010 Annual Conferences and presented on the topics of bed bugs and healthy approaches to pest management, respectively.

In 2009, Orkin partnered with AHE to release a white paper on bed bugs in health care settings, “Pulling Back the Sheets on the Bed Bug Controversy.” Currently, Orkin offers free IPM training for AHE members, as well as a free AHE membership for all Gold Medal™ Protection Health Care customers.