Orkin's Corporate Responsibility Initiatives

Orkin Truck

The Orkin Truck is a well-known symbol of the Orkin brand.

As a pest control company, Orkin recognizes the need to make conscious business and pest management decisions for the company and the environment. Orkin participates in third-party certification programs, thereby reducing its impact through all levels of business operations. Orkin implements policies and uses technologies that reduce the amount of gasoline and emissions from service trucks. Employees carpool and utilize public transportation, reducing commuter vehicle miles by 400,000. The company’s training program also uses an internet-based broadcasting system, reducing employee travel by 1 million miles per year.  

Not only does Orkin work hard to keep the company’s environmental footprint small, but it works just as hard to make a large impact on protecting public health by partnering with the CDC to share updated information about pests and public health. Read more about how Orkin helps the environment through its truck fleet and environmental stewardship.