Orkin's Environmental Stewardship

Orkin consciously chooses products and behaviors that limit the company’s impact on the environment. Orkin’s Environmental Stewardship Group, whose members serve in different capacities across the company, work together to monitor and improve the company’s environmental stewardship.

Orkin’s Environmentally Responsible Programs and Policies

  • Orkin practices Integrated Pest Management by reducing conditions that attract pests and physically preventing pest access to human structures before using chemicals to control the pest problem.
  • The company is a member of the National Pest Management Association’s QualityPro and GreenPro programs.
  • Orkin uses an internet-based training program, which eliminates 1 million miles of travel that employees previously logged for training purposes.
  • Orkin encourages employees to use public transportation and vanpooling by offering discounts to participating employees. In 2009, the Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association (BATMA) recognized Orkin's parent company, Atlanta-based Rollins, as the winner of its "Best Overall Commuter Program" award in Atlanta. In total, Orkin employees, along with employees of other Rollins corporation subsidiaries, reduced their total vehicle commuting miles by 400,000 in 2009.
  • Orkin reduces the amount of paper used via electronic payroll systems and recycling programs.
  • Route planning software improves vehicle efficiency, reducing fuel usage and emissions.
  • GPS units in service trucks improve driving records and route planning, which lead to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • In portions of California, Orkin is certified Eco-Wise.