The Orkin Truck: An Eco-Friendly Fleet

Orkin Truck

The Orkin Truck is a well-know symbol of the Orkin brand.

A company the size of Orkin must look at its environmental impact from every angle, including the use of service trucks. With a service fleet of about 5,200 trucks, Orkin’s conscious effort to reduce gasoline use and emissions means the company can significantly reduce its environmental impact.

Efficient Service Truck Routes

In the 1990s, Orkin began experimenting with different operational efficiencies, such as providing pest management every other month instead of monthly. The company quickly realized it could provide the same great service to customers with much greater efficiency, and it rolled out the program nationwide by 2000. In addition to making better use of technicians’ time, the change in service intervals halved the amount of gasoline used and reduced vehicle emissions. Orkin also uses route scheduling systems to ensure that Orkin representatives drive the most efficient routes. 

The Environmental Benefits of GPS

Orkin uses global positioning systems (GPS) in its service trucks to track information, including driving time, speed and efficient service routes.

In addition to reporting risky driving behavior to managers, GPS units beep to warn drivers to wear seat belts and to slow down. Overall, the units help improve driver safety records.