I am more knowledgeable because of how you share information.

~ Glendale, Ariz.


We are especially pleased with The Orkin Man’s work in our home and yard. Being that I am disabled, I am home each time someone from your company does work. He is not afraid to devote the time necessary to do the job right. You have a very professional person representing your company. Even though we try to tell him of a job well done, I thought it would mean more if someone with authority from Orkin informs him.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


This is just a token to show that we appreciate The Orkin Man’s time, hard work and willingness to go the extra mile. We have had three nights with zero scorpions! We thank you!

~ Mesa, Ariz.


In these days when it is so difficult to buy good and conscientious service at any price, we are grateful to have someone of The Orkin Man’s caliber taking care of our pest control needs.

~ Mesa Ariz.


I’d like to commend The Orkin Man for his ability and dedication. I’m a pretty good judge of people, having hired and promoted many in my career as a manager and district manager with Orkin—now retired. I belong to the Mesa Buckhorn Elks Lodge. They had a very serious roach problem. They employed a local outfit, which could not do the job. I told them time and again to get Orkin. They finally did, and within two months the roaches were gone.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


Hello, I just want you to know The Orkin Man was great. I was sad to lose him. As you know, if you want the best you always call Orkin, so I wasn’t worried about your decision on his replacement. It’s just when you get a person like this, who took the time, every time, to ask and answer all my questions, one hates to lose him.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


The Orkin Man was pleasant, courteous and a hard worker. He showed me what he did and why.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


I appreciate The Orkin Man and his crew for the consideration and concern they showed my staff and the residents at my supervisory care facility. He made every effort to accommodate our needs and work within our daily schedule with the least amount of disruption to our residents. He is definitely an asset to your company.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


The Orkin Man is punctual, faithful, personable and friendly. He has developed innovative ways to improve service and assure that customers are happy. When I call, he returns it. If mine is not the best Orkin Man in the nation, I’d like to meet who is.

~ Mesa, Ariz.


By aiding our crew, you saved us a great deal of money and minimized the fire damage.

~ Phoenix, Ariz.


I received a feedback card today in the mail. I’ve wanted to write a letter of thanks since my first encounter with Orkin. First of all, I must share a little background.  

My wife and I have two children, ages eleven and nine, and we both work full-time. It all started when my mother passed away about a decade ago. We went to California and gathered some of her personal belongings, including her china. Little did we know that when we unpacked the china there were little brown German roaches included. Needless to say, they grew and multiplied. I tried three independent pest control companies to try to get rid of them. It seemed like they were feeding them rather than killing them. I then called Orkin and explained my problem. Had I known about your guarantee and great service, I could have saved a lot of money.

All I can say is thanks, and you will always be my pest control company wherever I live.

~ Phoenix, Ariz.


You must know by now of our appreciation for the very personal effort and time The Orkin Man took from his holiday weekend for us. He is a remarkable gentleman with all the qualities that are most prized and desirable in a professional. He is efficient, conscientious, professional, refined and, above all, caring. With this formula he can surely go anywhere in life.

~ Phoenix, Ariz.


We were overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity! It’s nice to know in this day and age there still are great people like you who show love toward their fellow man in hard times. Thanks again.

~ Tucson, Ariz.


I would like to thank the two Orkin Men for their fine, dedicated efforts to make our facility free of crawling and flying insects. They provided sincere service at all hours of the night and day and also instructed us in our problem areas. I have also installed Orkin service in my home and seen great results. Thank you for providing two great professionals with whom we hope to continue service in the future.

~ Tucson, Ariz.