The Grand Junction office has a service manager who is a real credit to Orkin. I reported a small problem, and he not only resolved it quickly and professionally, but with a friendly good cheer and downright niceness!

~ Clifton, Colo.


It is true little boys love to put bugs in a bottle and have been doing so for centuries, but few of these little boys imagine an adult career chasing bugs. We are thankful a few good people have chosen to do just that. On August 5, two Orkin Men arrived at our home to help with our bug problem. They were knowledgeable about the bugs we involuntarily lived with. They brought humor and relief into our home, yet were professional at all times, as well as sympathetic to our concerns and needs. Because of their efforts to eliminate bed bugs, we regained some control over our lives and have been sleeping peacefully. We want them and Orkin to know we appreciate their efforts and reassurances that we will get our lives back, and the bugs that have invaded our home will be gone at some point with continued vigilance.

~ Denver, Colo.


The Orkin Man worked with our community for several months, and we were very pleased with his effort and determination. He is always available to speak with us directly and finds solutions for getting rid of unwanted pests!

~ Denver, Colo.


He treated our problem with the greatest of patience, politeness and concern. We appreciate that kind of service and attitude and can’t say thank you enough to The Orkin Man.

~ Denver, Colo.


The Orkin Man is the most diligent, conscientious, dedicated professional I have had the opportunity to work with. The job is a mission.

~ Grand Junction, Colo.


This letter to you regards the events of May 2. To say those events were “life changing” is an understatement. Our Orkin Man is an extraordinary asset to your organization, and he should be recognized and commended for his actions.

On May 2, I received a phone call from The Orkin Man. He was at my mother’s house because she called for service. She told him that there were little mites infesting her home and needed them exterminated. Upon arriving to service, The Orkin Man asked where these “mites” were. As my mother pointed to the kitchen floor, she said, “Be careful. Don’t get too close; they might jump into your nose.” Bewildered, The Orkin Man told her he didn’t think they were mites and thought it looked like a piece of lint. She insisted that this was not just a piece of lint, but truly an insect. This concerned him, and he compassionately tried to ease her concerns by pointing out a lack of the evidence for a pest problem. My mother was adamant about an infestation and insisted that he spray.

Now The Orkin Man’s own life experiences came into play (we conversed at my residence after this incident). He believed my mother was suffering from some kind of medical condition, based on his own observations of his grandmother. Not revealing his intentions, The Orkin Man asked my mother for the phone number of a relative, and she provided mine. As her condition for providing the information, she insisted he would have to spray before leaving. He agreed and asked her to leave for a few hours. Knowing that there was not a pest problem, The Orkin Man refused to accept my mother’s check for $270.00; however, she insisted. He took her check reluctantly, figuring she was on a fixed income (being retired).

While speaking over the phone, I was astonished for two reasons. One, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing about my mother’s behavior. Two, I couldn’t believe there were people in this world who actually gave a darn about humanity. I have been a police officer for 15 years, and it isn’t often (in fact, it is very rare) when I see actions such as those demonstrated by The Orkin Man. On a day-to-day basis, I see the horrible wrongs of society, and it was refreshing to cross paths with someone like this. He sounded genuinely concerned about her health and asked if I could meet him to return the check.

I asked him to come to my house, and I talked for about 30 minutes with him relaying observations and expressing why he thought something was wrong. He told me of similar occurrences with his grandmother. I asked if he sprayed, and he did. I told him that I would pay for the services, but he refused. The Orkin Man stated that there was no pest problem; therefore, he didn’t need to be paid anything. I profusely thanked him.

Another troubling circumstance was the fact that my 62-year-old mother hasn’t been to a doctor for the last 12 years. Later that same day, my siblings and I went to her house and asked that she go to the emergency room with us. She reluctantly agreed, and thank God! She was admitted because of extremely high blood pressure, and her blood sugar levels were off the charts (close to a comatose reading). A normal blood sugar level is 60 to 110 parts, and her analysis was 464 parts—which was life threatening. In addition, the onset of diabetes mixed with the high blood sugar caused electrolytes in her cardiac system to disrupt the electrical system that controls primary heart function. This was the main reason for her admission to the hospital. Had it not been for The Orkin Man’s concern, I quite possibly would be preparing funeral arrangements versus typing this letter of gratitude.

After two days in the hospital and many tests, my mother was released. I researched her bizarre behavior and discovered a condition called delusional parasitosis. This condition is caused by the onset of diabetes, and victims reportedly see “mites” or “parasites” when they are looking at pieces of thread or lint. The victims are convinced of these infestations and argumentative with anyone who doesn’t see the same. After the diabetes is treated, the symptoms and delusions usually disappear which was true in this case.

In closing, I want to reiterate our family’s most sincere gratitude for The Orkin Man’s intervention. His regard and compassion during the contact with my mother should be commended, as well as his professionalism, concern and kindness during his contact with me. I am convinced if he had not notified me about his unease with what he witnessed, the condition my mother was suffering from would have led to a fatal ending (as was expressed by the emergency room doctor). His actions were invaluable; however, please see to it that he is somehow recognized for going above and beyond his normal duties. I cannot begin to tell you what an asset he is to your organization.

~Pueblo, Colo.