Imagine her thoughts of just who might stop to help. She spotted an Orkin vehicle and waved. The Orkin Man pulled over. He went to a phone and called AAA. Then, he went back to make sure the she would be okay. This impressed her enough to tell her friends.

~ Georgia


We had this horrible odor in our house for three days. Each evening, when I returned from work, I would climb into the attic and search for the source. My wife and children slept in the basement and left the house during the day. It was a major family problem. Last night, I came home to find thousands of maggots wiggling around on a window sill in the master bedroom. I cleaned, but they continued appearing as if out of nowhere. This morning I called several exterminators—they refused to help. They said nobody does this kind of work. I called Orkin anyway, and to my astonishment, you said yes.

The Orkin Man assured me that he could help find and remove the dead animal and would be at my house at 1 pm that day. He and a second Orkin Man arrived at 1 pm, and less than an hour later, a dead possum was ceremoniously removed from the attic. They then washed the area and treated appropriately. Our problem was solved. You are fortunate to have such men in your organization. They took on and solved the problem with a sincere, professional and positive attitude. Please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks for providing the kind of company where those outstanding employees could serve their customers above and beyond the standard established by the rest of the industry.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


I commend The Orkin Man for his fine, expert, workmanlike attitude.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


The Orkin Man is always nice and courteous. He is always extremely helpful and couldn’t be nicer or more of a gentleman.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


The Orkin Man is certainly a credit to Orkin. He is not only dignified and polite, but also takes great pains to do a thorough job.

~ Atlanta, Ga.

The weather was quite cold, and it was snowing lightly. I stood by my car on the interstate about a half mile from the state capitol building for about 20 minutes, unable to stop a cab or anyone else. A young gentleman finally stopped and offered to give me assistance. He was an Orkin supervisor in Atlanta. He offered to go to the nearest station and have gas sent to me. Shortly, he returned, saying the station had no service truck available at the time. He brought the gas himself.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


We were formerly located at 31 Peachtree Place and found Orkin service to be handled in a prompt and efficient manner by very courteous Orkin Men. A change in the business operation makes it desirable to operate from an office in my home, and I am happy to say that Orkin already services here. It is, indeed, a pleasure to see a company as large as Orkin that is still concerned with individual customers.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


I would like to compliment the employees whom I had the pleasure of meeting. Our phone conversations were very pleasant. If all Orkin’s employees are like these four young men, I can understand why your company is #1.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


We want to thank The Orkin Man for his very considerate and thoughtful act. We are grateful.

~ Atlanta, Ga.


The Orkin Man recently came to inspect for termites prior to the renewal of our contract. He was friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgeable about your company and its products. He listened carefully and answered my questions in a pleasant and unhurried manner. He convinced me to initiate an annual contract for monthly service. He made us feel confident that Orkin would provide good protection at a good value. Thanks for sending such a valuable employee!

~ Atlanta, Ga.


You have a great Orkin Man in the Augusta area who takes care of our lake house, and we want to ensure you know about him. He does everything just right. All of your employees who we deal with are really special, but he is exceptional.

~ Augusta, Ga.


I think Orkin is doing an excellent job. Like I always say, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! I’m very satisfied.

~Augusta, Ga.


Thank you so much for the new vent. I appreciate your kindness and interest.

~ Buckhead, Ga.


Last Friday evening at about 7 pm, The Orkin Man removed a dead raccoon from under the deck at my residence. I greatly appreciate his willingness to help, especially late on a Friday evening.

~ Buckhead, Ga.


The current Orkin Man is our fifth and finest yet. He is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and ethical. He was also the first person to make our home truly bug free!

~ Chamblee, Ga.


I am one of your longtime customers, and this octogenarian found it refreshing and pleasant dealing with The Orkin Man. In the business world, too often we of my generation feel ‘tolerated’ or less important. He took the time to give my crawlspace a thorough look-see, gave me maintenance advice and was knowledgeable and patient answering my questions.

~ College Park, Ga.


I would like to express my thanks for The Orkin Man. He came to my home on Friday. When he arrived, he saw me very upset because my dog had died. He covered the dog and sat with me until my husband arrived. He did everything possible to console me. He doesn’t know how much that meant to me. I hope you value him, because he sure did impress my husband and me.

~ College Park, Ga.


The Orkin Man has a pleasing personality and is very dedicated to the cause of excellent customer service. The man’s track record is truly one of future success.

~ College Park, Ga.


When we first contacted Orkin years ago, the roaches were about to carry us out the back door! They really had a foothold in our home. All of your employees have been extremely courteous and professional, but The Orkin Man deserves a special pat on the back. He is cheerful, energetic and knowledgeable. He single-handedly wiped out a nest of bees that terrorized us for weeks. He is a great asset to your company.

~ Columbus, Ga.


Just want you to know that our present Orkin Man is the best we’ve ever had. He takes more time and tries even harder than any of the previous in the 18 years we’ve had Orkin service.

~ Columbus, Ga.


You can be proud of The Orkin Man. He is a goodwill ambassador, as well as a very efficient gentleman.

~ Columbus, Ga.


We want you to know that we get excellent service. Our Orkin Man is so efficient and gives the best of service in a satisfactory manner. You can’t get a better man for the job. We do hope he’ll stay with us.

~ Colquitt, Ga.


He was intelligent, polite and knowledgeable about his work. Because of him, I have told many of my friends about Orkin. The Orkin Man did an outstanding job. He makes an A+ excellent impression.

~ Conyers, Ga.


After the hurricane destroyed my home, we rebuilt and had The Orkin Man inspect and then schedule treatment for protection against termites. He was a courteous, informative, caring professional. I just want to formally thank him for a job well done.

I am well pleased with the courtesy shown to me by The Orkin Man each month. In answer to your letter regarding raising the price of monthly service, I understand perfectly the situation and want to continue the service.

~ Decatur, Ga.


On every occasion, he is highly professional, timely, pleasant and willing to go the extra mile. I feel when a company has an employee who is as dedicated as The Orkin Man that they should be aware. He should be recognized.

~ Decatur, Ga.


The Orkin Man is a gentleman in every sense of the word and goes out of his way to be helpful, pleasant and generous with his time and knowledge. This was exemplified the day he gallantly changed a flat tire for one of our ladies after the office closed.

~ Decatur, Ga.


My car had a blowout, and The Orkin Man was nice enough to stop and change the tire for me (the weather was freezing). In this day and age it is wonderful to see a 'Good Samaritan' for they are indeed few and far between.

~ East Point, Ga.


The Orkin Man arrived promptly and conducted himself in a professional manner. He even went out of his way to make sure we were completely satisfied with the service. He is an asset to your company.

~ Gainesville, Ga.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a person take as much pride in doing a job as The Orkin Man. In this day, many workmen are simply sloppy, but he is the first quality-minded person I have seen in a long time. If I learn of anyone needing an exterminating service, I will gladly refer them to Orkin.

~ Griffin, Ga.


The Orkin Man’s investigations at our home and his treatment of the problem showed what I consider the highest degree of thoroughness and professionalism. If Orkin gives Gold Stars, he deserves at least five!

~ Lawrenceville, Ga.


The Orkin Man is a real asset to your company. He has given me good service plus his courteous manner and consideration.

~ Macon, Ga.


Our Orkin service is exceptional, and we appreciate the nice job.

~ Macon, Ga.


The Orkin Man’s quiet consideration was wonderful. I want to commend him for his help.

~ Marietta, Ga.


I’m thankful for The Orkin Man who acted above and beyond the call of duty to rescue my son. He is truly an asset to Orkin and the community.

~ Marietta, Ga.


The Orkin Man put me right at ease. He couldn’t have been more cooperative and helpful.

~ Moultrie, Ga.


We've used your services at our home in Roswell since purchasing it in November. Everyone in contact with us concerning our service has been a true professional, obviously the product of an exceptional training program. It's easy to see why and how Orkin is #1.

~Roswell, Ga.


The Orkin Man is a good worker and makes us feel that we can trust our home to Orkin. He works with our schedules and never complains.

~ Savannah, Ga.


My husband and I had a flat tire on 1-75 near Valdosta. We were handicapped because he had just left a Ft. Lauderdale hospital following abdominal surgery, and I had a broken wrist in a splint. Our trunk was so loaded that we looked like a moving van. We finally got the trunk unloaded and the spare out but absolutely were unable to get the car jacked up. After an hour in 94 degree heat, my husband was on the verge of collapse, so I persuaded him to let me try to stop someone for help. I had about decided that was a lost cause when this wonderful Orkin Man stopped. When I asked if he would send assistance from the next exit, he declined and said he would change the tire himself. Afterwards, he helped reload the car and then refused payment for his labor, kindness and assistance. I felt that you should know of this incident and the excellent type of gentleman you have in your employment. I shall never see an Orkin service car that I won't recall him and say 'bless him'.

~ Valdosta, Ga.