After listening to my rambling explanation of the problem, The Orkin Man took charge of the situation and dispatched a crew, who immediately solved the problem. We sincerely believe that Orkin’s reputation for honesty and performance is due in large part to the efforts of people like this.

~ Bowling Green, Ky.


The service we received from Orkin has been satisfactory in every respect, and I particularly appreciate the service given by The Orkin Man. He is an asset to your company.

~ Bowling Green, Ky.


We are extremely pleased with the service. The Orkin Man is always very courteous and efficient.

~ Frankfort, Ky.


It seems so easy for someone to complain about poor service or workmanship and rarely compliment someone. We are making the time to thank you for such a complete job.

~ Frankfort, Ky.


Thank you for sending The Orkin Man to inspect our home for termites and powder post beetles. He did so with courtesy and thoroughness. He is, indeed, an asset to your organization. It was a pleasure to have him in our home.

~ Lexington, Ky.


On April 24, The Orkin Man came and did an evaluation of our termite problem. He was very professional, thorough and explained all involved. He is to be commended. On April 26, another Orkin Man came and treated the house. He worked hard all day, even in sprinkling rain for awhile. In order to complete the job, he worked through lunch and didn’t leave until about 6:30 pm. In some way, I hope he will be recognized for his hard work.

~ Lexington, Ky.


Orkin should be proud to have an employee like The Orkin Man working for them. We are!

~ Louisville, Ky.


The Orkin Man was most patient with the elderly man and did a wonderful job in servicing the home.

~ Louisville, Ky.


Central State Hospital has several old buildings on the grounds, and, in my opinion, it should take more than one person to effectively control the pest problems. I am happy to say that through The Orkin Man’s efforts we are not experiencing any acute pest problems. It stands to reason he is doing the job of at least two people. You should be proud to have such people on your staff.

~ Louisville, Ky.


Believe me when I say how refreshing it was to speak with The Orkin Man. He is intelligent, well prepared, proud and confident in his product and company. He asked that we retain your brochure (no hard sell) since our company’s pest control needs were already contracted. His sales pitch was brief but to the point, and all questions were answered completely. He is an asset to any organization—a salesperson, not an order taker.

~ Louisville, Ky.


The Orkin Man is a delight. He always calls and arranges a convenient time for his visits. As subsequent problems arise, he treats them promptly. At least twice we failed to be home when promised. He, although inconvenienced we know, was very gracious and rescheduled the visits. His friendly personality and efficient service make us very happy to continue as Orkin customers.

~ Louisville, Ky.


I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided to us. The Orkin Man was a pleasure to do business with. He was cordial, friendly and prompt. His work was thorough and controlled every insect problem. It is great to know that there are still people such as this in the business world.

~ Owensboro, Ky.


The Orkin Man is an asset to your company. It is a joy to meet and work with nice, considerate people.

~ Paducah, Ky.


While performing his regular pest control service, The Orkin Man was responsible for saving the life of a customer. He heard a crash and, when he investigated, found the customer unconscious on the kitchen floor. Trained in CPR, The Orkin Man checked and could neither find a pulse nor any sign of respiration. He cleared the customer’s airway and respiration resumed. He then called EMS and made sure the customer was in no further danger.

~ Paducah, Ky.


I believe that superior performance deserves appropriate recognition. I felt that The Orkin Man was truly concerned for my problems as well as openly loyal to the interests of Orkin.

~ Paducah, Ky.


The Orkin Men were very patient and informative as I expressed my concerns and asked questions. They seemed very genuine and caring regarding my problem with carpenter ants and assured me they would take the necessary steps to rid me of this problem. I was very impressed. As they left my home that day, I felt I was saying good-bye to friends.

~ Pikesville, Ky.

When I started to work here, our establishment had a serious problem with bugs. Most businesses do, until you get someone to wipe them out. Orkin did that for us. I called the branch to find out the name of The Orkin Man who comes regularly to service. I spend many hours at work and haven’t seen one bug since Orkin started treating. I wanted you to know what a good job he is doing.

~ Shively, Ky.