The Orkin Man was at my home on time and did a completely thorough and methodical job. As usual, his ability to communicate and relate to people flowed through his humorous personality. My children loved him, and my wife and I admire his professionalism very much. We applaud himan outstanding representative of Orkin.

~ Baltimore, Md.


The Orkin Man goes beyond his job description. He is always polite, courteous and extremely conscientious about his work. He is also very concerned about any problems we might have. He is a model employee.

~ Baltimore, Md.


The Orkin Man goes out of his way to work around my schedule to complete the monthly treatment. He is punctual, polite and informative.

~ Baltimore, Md.


We tried everything to get rid of our pests, and nothing worked. Thanks to The Orkin Man, we feel Orkin was the best investment we could have made. He is a true professional and a great asset to your company.

~ Baltimore, Md.


I would like to write a word of praise for the competent job The Orkin Man is doing. He comes once a month to my house for treatment of roaches, etc. He is always on time, courteous, quiet and does an excellent job. He is certainly a credit to Orkin, and I hope is considered one of your more valuable employees.

~ Bethesda, Md.


I want to recognize the exceptional courtesy and prompt professionalism I experienced in dealing with your company’s Administrative Assistant.

~ Gaithersburg, Md.


I would like to thank The Orkin Man for his professional dedication, knowledge and technical expertise. I appreciate the personal touch to reassure me of the service and truly care for my needs as a customer.

~ Landover, Md.


I write to commend the excellent work of The Orkin Man. Not only is his performance superb, but his attitude and personality are extremely pleasant.

~ Landover, Md.


I was pleased with the results of The Orkin Man’s work, as well as with the fine manner in which he took charge of the problem. All in a day’s work, right?

~ Landover, Md.


Our Orkin Man has serviced our home for six months and consistently delivers outstanding service. We required extra service the last couple of months, and he accommodated us with the same careful attention as our monthly service. It is rare to find such a combination of punctuality, politeness and professionalism.

~ Landover, Md.

I recently experienced the trauma and emotion of a breakdown on a major highway during the evening rush. Hundreds of vehicles passed, not wanting to become involved. In time, one vehicle did stop and came to my aid. It was The Orkin Man. He assisted and had me on my way.

This gentleman is indeed unique. He took the time to assist a stranger obviously in need. He is a credit to himself and to Orkin. I cannot emphasize enough the humanitarian effort exhibited by him. He’s a true samaritan of which there are few left. I consider myself lucky to have encountered one. A man of this caliber and integrity is one to be recognized and remembered.

~ Landover, Md.


When you are paying, as I was, close to a thousand dollars for a problem you didn’t know you had, it certainly helps to get top-quality service. The Orkin Man took the time to show me, in detail, the problem and the remedy.

~ Rockville, Md.


The Orkin Man is thorough and courteous.

~ Rockville, Md.


Not only did The Orkin Man re-treat the home, he recognized when another contractor fell seriously ill. He contacted EMS, put his CPR training into use and helped a man survive a heart attack.

~ Rockville, Md.


Working in a lot of homes and places of business, I see different companies’ employees come in at the same time I’m cleaning to perform their duties. At one location, The Orkin Man was doing a great job and was very courteous, so I asked him to call and make an appointment for my new home to be termite treated. He called a colleague and got the job done for us the next working day.

~ Salisbury, Md.


I’ve had Orkin service my home for almost 10 years. I had a problem recently, called the branch manager, and got the right response. The Orkin Man called right away and handled it beautifully. Somebody’s paying attention to your training.

~ Silver Springs, Md.


I am entering my 18th year of active duty in the Navy. Since I am continually deployed, it is up to my wife to maintain the household. I made the unfortunate mistake of opting for another pest control service when I moved here, and that is a mistake I do not intend to make again. Since I canceled that service and began with Orkin, we have not encountered one problem with pests inside or outside the home. If so, your committing to send someone to take immediate care of it makes all the difference. I find customer service is almost nonexistent, and your company and The Orkin Man has been one helluva exception.

~ Waldorf, Md.