I had a carpenter ant problem that required a lot of work. Today, The Orkin Man spent extra time taking off drywall to get as much area sprayed as possible. Then another came over and helped clean up. I was very impressed with the time they took to get the job done right. I want to formally thank these gentlemen for their hard work and commitment to excellence.

~ Kansas City, Miss.


I’ve been extremely impressed with everyone when dealing with the local Orkin branch. Our Orkin Man at the old house was great, which prompted me to ask for him at this new location. Since he doesn’t normally travel as far north as our new house, we now have another Orkin Man. Today, he inspected for termites, and it was another great experience. It’s truly a pleasure doing business with your office.

~ Kansas City, Miss.


The Orkin Man serves well as the representative for your company. I always find him friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and eager to see a job done well.

~ Poplar Bluff, Miss.


I want to compliment Orkin on the professionalism shown by The Orkin Men. They made doing business with Orkin a pleasant experience.

~ Springfield, Miss.


A note of praise for The Orkin Man! He treated our house since we moved in last summer, and I’ve only good things to say about him, his work, his attitude and his professionalism. Orkin is fortunate to have him working for and representing their company.

~ St, Louis, Miss.


The Orkin Man is reliable, on time, clean, neat, polite, quick but thorough and, above all, a good representative for your company.

~ St. Louis, Miss.


My husband and I wish to commend The Orkin Man. We dealt with your company for many years concerning termite coverage. A year or so ago, Orkin found carpenter ants in our home, and we paid for the initial treatment and monthly service for a year. Then we dropped it. Recently, they infested our home again. Today, The Orkin Man once again serviced our interior and exterior. We never had more courteous treatment or conscientious workmanship. We appreciated the manner in which he serviced our house.

~ St. Louis, Miss.