West Virginia

Speaking on behalf of this office and local sanitarians in West Virginia, I wish to convey to you our thanks and appreciation for your excellent presentation made at the training course, ‘Current Concepts in Food Protection.’ We have had many favorable comments concerning the course and sincerely feel that your excellent presentation added immeasurably to its success. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

~ West Virginia

This letter is to commend the excellent performance of The Orkin Man. He is conscientious and thorough in all the work he does. We owe him thanks.

~ Beckley, W.Va.


Two Orkin Men just left my home after two very long, hard days of work. Both gentlemen were always very polite and nice, though I’m sure they were exhausted. One in particular amazed me with his sincere attitude towards work. I’ve never seen a young man work so hard and long but still remain so even-tempered. As a mother of three boys, I hope my sons grow up to be as well-mannered and hard-working as them.

~ Beckley, W.Va.

I stopped to purchase the evening paper on my way home. I left my car running, and when I got back out to open the car door, the door was locked. I became panic-stricken. The Orkin Man was on the phone and came to my assistance. He should be commended for his caring attitude and concern for other people. If and when we or anyone else at work or in our family needs pest control service, you can be assured we will call Orkin because of the integrity of your employees.

~ Charleston, W.Va. 


I want to express my appreciation for the fine, quick service from your company. The Orkin Man and team are to be complimented, even though they weren’t working under ideal conditions.

~ Charleston, W.Va.


I write you to express appreciation for the service of The Orkin Man. In these days of so much hustle and bustle, you don’t meet many salesmen as interested in customers as yours. I felt I should write you and express our thanks to Orkin.

My sincere thanks to The Orkin Man who was kind enough to stop and change my flat tire on Route 79. There I was, seven months pregnant, no phone in sight and totally helpless. I didn’t get his name, but remember he was driving a company car. I hope you can thank him for me.

~ Clarksburg, W.Va. 


We recently discovered uninvited creatures in our home and called Orkin to help. We had no idea that we would be meeting such a polite, knowledgeable group of people. The Orkin Man was very kind and acted as if our problem was his own. He took the time to explain everything to us and put our minds at ease. He is a credit to your company.

~ McMechan, W.Va. 


The Orkin Man was very courteous, did a more than satisfactory job and willingly answered all my questions.

~ Parkersburg, W.Va. 

Before The Orkin Man arrived on the scene, we were beset by carpenter bees, carpenter ants, wasps, ants and you name it. After just five months of servicing our cottage (in fact, really after the first application), we enjoyed our time there instead of having to worry about fighting bugs.

~ Wheeling, W.Va. 


I sat in my car between exits for 30 minutes as several cars and trucks, including a police cruiser, whizzed by. I was about to get out and walk when an Orkin truck pulled up and The Orkin Man asked if I needed help. Not many people today would take time out of their busy schedule to help someone as he did. He had to turn around to get to a nearby gas station, make the trip back, put five gallons in my car and wait to be certain everything was okay. He conducted himself like a true gentleman while representing your company.

~ Wheeling, W.Va.


I couldn’t get the spring back on my storm door and asked The Orkin Man to do it once he finished inspecting my home. I hope that I didn’t cause any trouble, for he certainly is a nice man. If I ever see a termite here, I will surely call you.

~ Wheeling, W.Va.

I recently called Orkin to check for termites. Two Orkin Men proved to be such good representatives of your company that I want to bring them to your attention. They were kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Today that is not the norm. Another Orkin Man, who came the next day to provide treatments, was also very good. I had never met any of them before but want to let management know—because the opposite normally happens to me when needing work done on/in my house. I will always recommend Orkin.

~ Wheeling, W.Va.