Rollins Learning Center

rollins learning center

The Rollins Learning Centr in Atlanta includes a fully functional residential home, where Orkin employees receive hands-on training.

In 2001, Rollins built a $10 million state-of-the-art training center in Atlanta for Orkin and its sister companies to use. Known as the Rollins Learning Center, the facility enhances Orkin’s hands-on training program by providing opportunities to simulate real-world experiences for Specialists in training. The facility includes a mock commercial kitchen, restaurant, bar, grocery store, hospital room, hotel room and a separate one-story, 2,300-square-foot brick house.

Each area is a realistic example of the scenario it simulates. The home is outfitted with furniture, linens, dishes and food, much like a real home. Throughout the home, see-through panels show trainees where pests can live behind walls and in plumbing.  

An outdoor pavilion showcases different types of construction, including concrete slab, crawlspaces, concrete blocks and wooden wall studs to educate trainees about different home structures and entry points within these structures.  

The Rollins Learning Center also includes classrooms where instructors teach technicians about the biology and habits of pests, including insects, termites and rodents. Various habitats and cases display insect specimens for pest identification instruction.  

From classroom experience to on-the-job training, Rollins’ training program focuses on sharing information that will help all Orkin representatives serve their customers well.