Rollins Global Learning Network

rollins tv

Pictured here is the control room for Rollins TV, a satellite broadcasting system used for ongoing employee education and training.

In 2006, Rollins established Rollins TV, a satellite broadcasting television system, for Orkin and its sister pest control companies. In 2012, the system was upgraded and is now known as the Rollins Global Learning Network. It serves as a virtual classroom for Orkin’s new trainees and provides a venue for in-depth educational programs reaching branches instantaneously.

Rollins TV was the first corporate satellite educational system to deliver interactive video on demand in a virtual classroom setting, allowing Orkin employees to participate in past broadcast events. The interactive system used digital keypad devices so viewers could communicate with instructors by responding to surveys and quiz questions. This type of communication enabled instructors to engage with viewers and to address questions during seminars.

In 2012, the Rollins Global Learning Network—in partnership with Globecomm—created a web-based platform that replaced the satellite training system. All branches, international and domestic franchises, along with all independent brands, have access to live and on-demand training through desktops, televisions and mobile devices.

Aside from noticing improved video quality, participants have the ability to type text on the electronic notepads and chat with others. Participants are still able to call in to the instructor, but they can also type questions or answers—similar to texting.

New hires complete initial job training via Rollins Global Learning Network, the internet-based system, and can also travel to the company’s Atlanta-based training facility for hands-on training. Orkin entomologists use RGLN to conduct continuing education training seminars with experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, broadcast to more than 400 Orkin branch offices.

In addition to improving Orkin’s ability to disseminate educational information, Rollins Global Learning Network reduces employee travel time for required educational events. By reducing employee travel, Orkin saves money in travel and lodging expenses, reduces overall emissions and minimizes the number of employee work hours lost to travel.