New York

You have a good man in The Orkin Man. He takes pride in his work. When he arrives, he thoroughly inspects areas that need concentrated effort and works to resolve the problem. He’s an excellent technician, pleasant, very helpful and a walking advertisement for your company. I’ll keep spreading the good word about Orkin.

~ Albany, N.Y.


The Orkin Man was the personification of a dedicated, professional individual and went far beyond our expectations in helping solve what was to us a major crisis. He is a great advertisement for Orkin.

~ Brooklyn, N.Y. 


The Orkin Man called me to schedule an appointment. He arrived promptly and did a thorough job of inspecting my apartment. This is the second time he serviced my apartment. He did such a great job the first time that I didn’t need to make a callback to Orkin. Given the serious problems I’ve had with mice, it is a miracle. Every company should have such a first-rate employee.

~ Brooklyn, N.Y.


Pest Control was the highest scoring category of the audit. This category score, and any other for that matter, did not occur by chance. Much hard work went into the preparation. I want to especially recognize The Orkin Man, who weekly services our account and has proven to be thorough, diligent, flexible and responsive to our needs. Another Orkin Man spent a large portion of his day with us and was helpful throughout the audit. He was responsive and knowledgeable to any question asked him. He was also helpful in working through the pest control documentation portion of the audit. He and I will be in contact with each other this week to work on the necessary improvements noted in the audit report. Thank you for your part in a successful audit. We look forward to continually developing our partnership with Orkin Commercial Services.

~ Buffalo, N.Y.

The Orkin Man is very kind and efficient. He also is very professional and well-liked. He looks for issues and gives advice.

~ Huntington, N.Y. 


To make a long story short, the reason I write this letter is that everything The Orkin Man proposed was done on time, and when I returned home that evening, the garage, the finished basement, the rooms in the basement, and the outside of the house were perfect. In fact, I couldn’t really believe that men had been there all day long working. I just want to conclude by saying that the manner in which he handled his job is a credit to your company.

~ Long Island, N.Y. 


Recently, we had some work done by Orkin, and, unfortunately, the workers caused damage to our home. The Orkin Man personally took charge and followed up with Orkin’s Atlanta office. He called us regularly to keep us posted. His diligence, courtesy and effectiveness restored our confidence in Orkin, and we will continue to use and recommend Orkin as a result of him.

~ Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 


The Orkin Man is a perfect gentleman and dedicated worker. I am now roach and rodent free. Again, I wish to express my deep and sincere appreciation.

~ New York, N.Y.


Our company thanks The Orkin Man for services rendered. Each month, we’re greeted by his warm and delightful smile as he tackles our pest problems both professionally and efficiently. Checking all areas from entry to attic, he performs treatments and answers any questions we might have. When an in-between visit is needed, he is here right away and always has a solution for our dilemma. We appreciate having The Orkin Man as our partner in protection.

~ Queens, N.Y.

As we move into the fourth month of our contract with Orkin, I want to take this opportunity to recognize The Orkin Man. His professionalism, mixed with his personality, creates a comfortable environment between owner and vendor that often takes years to develop. I hear and see the positive relationship he established with RHA staff and tenants. He has a strong work ethic and is a solid Orkin representative.

~ Rochester, N.Y. 


The Orkin Man came to our house within eight hours of our call and stayed with us very late on Monday night to create and start a plan for our problem. He was extremely professional, courteous, sensitive and knowledgeable.

We are happier about calling Orkin than you will ever know. Keep up the good—no, the excellent—work in training people like The Orkin Man, because he puts real meaning in the phrase, “Our aim is to please our customers.”

~ Rochester, N.Y.


I want to thank Orkin for taking on a problem I had with raucous noises in my walls. My house was treated before for mice and carpenter ants, but the noises persisted. Every since Orkin took over treatment, the noises have subsided. I have praise for the Orkin Man and crew. These men know their business.

~ Utica, N.Y.


The Orkin Man is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. We certainly appreciate his willingness to respond to our calls.

~ Utica, N.Y.